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Icelandair Flight Deals

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01 Dec 2022   -   04 Dec 2022
$ 427.77
09 Nov 2022   -   13 Nov 2022
New York
$ 539.97
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About Icelandair (FI) Flight Reservation

Iceland, a wonder existing between ice and water! To anyone who's mesmerized by the natural beauty or geological phenomenon that makes Iceland tick, or to those for whom Icelandic culture seems attractive, here is your chance to visit the wondrous island on the North Atlantic. With Icelandair flights and Icelandair reservations, the gateway to wonder and charm opens up to you!

Icelandair traces its origins to two aviation companies founded on Icelandic soil in the 1930s and 1940s, Flugfélag Íslands and Loftleiðir, respectively. While the former focused on domestic and regional flight routes, the latter's focus was entirely on the international aviation scene. After protracted and arduous negotiations sponsored by the Icelandic Government, the two companies merged as Icelandair in 1973 and was promoted as the island nation?s national airline service for domestic and international flights. Operating from hubs at Reykjavik International Airport and Keflavik International Airport, Icelandair tickets are considered to be reasonably priced and it helps to contribute to Iceland?s blooming tourist industry.

Services and Amenities

In its sixty years of service, Icelandair has consistently perfected its service that it provides to its passengers. When you avail an Icelandair booking, be assured that your travel experiences would be unlike any other you may have had before.

The services provided by Icelandair start from the moment you select any Icelandair deals. Special assistance is provided to those who require assistance when travelling long distances before boarding the plane and on the flight. Depending on your class (Economy, Economy Comfort or Saga), different kinds of in-flight amenities would be available to you but certain complimentary services are common to all three, such as in-flight entertainment, non-alcoholic beverages and blankets and pillows. For those travelling on Economy Comfort and Saga Class, a wide range on in-flight services are complimentary such as meals, alcoholic beverages, headphones, Wi-Fi access and amenity kits (on North America-bound flights).

Being the national carrier, Icelandair provides an opportunity for passengers to stopover in Iceland for up to 7 days, at no additional Icelandair airfare. In this way, travelers can get to experience everything which Iceland has to offer to be experienced. With the recent introduction of the Stopover Buddy program, you can now enjoy Iceland as Icelanders do with the help of a Stopover Buddy, who is well aware of the local landscape and the culture that has shaped Iceland throughout the course of the island?s history.

Baggage Policy

Baggage allowances on Icelandair flights vary, depending on the class in which you are flying on. For those traveling on Economy, passengers are able to carry a bag weighing 10 kg into the cabin, with a checked luggage weighing not more than 23 kg. For those traveling on the Economy Comfort class, boarders are allowed to carry 2 bags, each weighing not more than 10 kg each. On Economy Comfort, passengers are able to board with two checked bags, weighing a maximum of 23 kg each. On Saga Class, boarders are able to board with two checked bags, each weighing 32 kg each.  And all of these are available with Cheapflightsfares, making your trip one without too much worry!