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Cheapflightsfares is driven by people's passion to travel and the need for an online travel agency that understands what a modern-day traveler desires. We are your one-stop solution for all travel requirements be it flights, hotels or rental cars. We are dedicated towards bringing you the best travel deals that suit your budget and preferences perfectly. No matter how far and wide you wish to travel, Cheapflightsfares will get you there.

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Good 8.5 out of 10
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4.2 out of 5
3 hours ago

Good experience!

Customer service was excellent. A gentleman followed with a phone call confirming flight details and billing information. Very good

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22 hours ago
Christine Williams

Great customer service!!!

Great customer service!!!
1 days ago
Thomas Maloney


it was easy to do
1 days ago

Great Price and Easy to Find

I was easily able to find the flight I needed and the price was great!
1 days ago
Wilma Keith

I am so Thankful I was able to connect...

I am so Thankful I was able to connect with this flight. I am taking my husband to the Cancer Treatment in Goodyear Ariz. My husban
d has stage 4 Prostate Cancer he just completed with Radiation and is feeling weak, so we needed a non stop flight. When I called all Air lines I was quoted prices we could not afford, then I got on line (I am not good at the computer) and found this flight. We are Seniors on a fixed income and was able to pay for these tickets, it was pretty easy to do although I was scared I was going to make a mistake. Thank You for Cheap Flights....Maybe next time we can do a vacation instead of a Hospital Visit.

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2 days ago
Arben zere

Good customer service

Good customer service
2 days ago

This was my very first time using...

This was my very first time using cheapflightsfares. I think it was an outstanding Fair that was one area though they do not allow
for seniors and I am a senior citizen and only allowed for an adult. So if you could incorporate something in for seniors that would be great. Also it does not let you see your Cedar sign it. We will not know what that is until we get to the airport. If we could do see the seat map that would be great also I don't like flying small aircraft and that would let me know what type of aircraft we are flying. Other than that excellent service excellent price can beat it outstanding

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2 days ago
Catherine Kunz

Customer service follow up is great!!

I am revising my review of Cheap flight. Originally I had thought the follow up customer service representative was very slow and
I was concerned they would not get back to me after upgrading my flight schedule but Marcellus contacted me and provided me with e-mail confirmation of my revised flight information. I really appreciate the quick response to my concerns and I appreciate them providing me the information while I was on the phone with them. I would continue to use them. Thanks

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2 days ago

Pleasant Experience....

I dealt with a customer service agent named Marcelus. He handled everything in a very professional manner. All went well.
3 days ago
Antonio Briguglio

best price and got a great flight

best price and got a great flight