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Cheapflightsfares is driven by people's passion to travel and the need for an online travel agency that understands what a modern-day traveler desires. We are your one-stop solution for all travel requirements be it flights, hotels or rental cars. We are dedicated towards bringing you the best travel deals that suit your budget and preferences perfectly. No matter how far and wide you wish to travel, Cheapflightsfares will get you there.

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Good 8.5 out of 10
May 9, 2019
Irene Hannah

Very patience and helpful

I just wanna tell you Alex resolve my query and he help me to book my aisle seat close to the front. He is very patience and helpful. He spoke with me very clearly and he added wheelchair on my reservation and thatís exceptional gift to have in my position. Thank you
April 17, 2019
Margie N Salgado

Brad who helped me to book this ticket was so patience

I just want to tell you that the gentleman brad who helped me to book this ticket was so patience no matter how many times i ask him same thing by he was so polite and very.
April 15, 2019
Mary Serrano Smith

Thank you so much god bless you

I just spoke to karl for reservation with southwest. I just want to tell you that for the trip and all the reservation that i have made he is absolutely very well amongst all and i just want to give him the compliment that
he is a good person and care about the senior citizen he is very fine employee very polite and very nice. Thank you so much god bless you.

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March 29, 2019
James Larsen

He explained everything which was extremely helpful

I actually had a word with salvador and he helped me out, He was really extremely helpful, i really appreciate him and please note his record for me. He explained everything
April 18, 2019
Jay E Elder

I was very pleased with the support

I really appreeciate for helping me , Suze was patience and very conscientious. I was very pleased with the support she give me. She did a very great job i am very extremely pleased with her efforts and commitments.
April 16, 2019
Paula Ciampa

He kept his calm and did great job

Hi Just talked to Charles he helped me with the booking, I just wanted to tell you that he is awesome and the most patient guy. He explained me everything, he is absolutely.
April 15, 2019
Sharon L Palmer

Julissa did wonderful job

I had just got confused over the changes that has been made to my flight and i could not able to verify my seat on plane and julissa did wonderful job and in straightening everything out in my mind is to what was going on
wherein she just sent me an email with e-ticket will all of the seat listed. Julissa did a great job.

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March 27, 2019
Catherine Nudson

I am so much better now

I am doing so much better now than i was an hour, i have to tell you an hour ago i was texting my son as like you i am never going to get the reservation never ever going to get on the trip i was really very upset and
depressed i got a long day but with in this two and an half hour i opened up for 24hours and i wam tired and i am working really hard i dont know it was just by the grace of god or whoever you called that person that i decided to call cheap flights and i got robbie, He is magnificent as far as i have concerned i actually was crying by the time i want this going to happen, Then robbie came along and he made everything better and got stuck with me because of dates prices and time. He helped me in that way that i want to tell you he is a special employee. I call myself lucky and blessed that i got the employee of the year this everning. Please provide him whatever you do for employees that go over and above to provide this level of customer service. The level of professionalism the level of service that are provided from cheap flights I am sold.

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4.3 out of 5
23 hours ago
teresa latsch

Agent was very patient and helpful It...

Agent was very patient and helpful It was just disappointing that I was offered a fare that was not available and I had to call to
find out it was going to cost me quite a bit more. But the agent was very sympathetic and offered me several choices, which I appreciated.

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1 days ago
Susan King


Excellent customer service and amazing prices.
2 days ago
William Holmes

Getting Good Service

The experience was good! The customer Rep was very helpful
3 days ago


Fast, easy and cheap!
3 days ago
Joe Montero

awesome service

awesome service , wonderful way to secure and to get the best deal for my trip ... hope it never changes !!
3 days ago

Was very happy to get a flight that...

Was very happy to get a flight that reasonable to see my family. Booked one in February, since the doctor only gave my mom 1 to 2
days to live . Same day ticket was $2,500. Just wished there would be a provision for cases like that. You have a very polite and professional team

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3 days ago

Thank you

Cheap took the time to realize that I was a senior travelling and offered a shorter flight for a small fee. This was an emergency f
light in the sudden passing of my mother so the consideration is much appreciated.

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3 days ago
Anthony Silvia

Satisfied with ease of booking

Satisfied with ease of booking
4 days ago
John Brandon

Simple and easy

Simple and easy
5 days ago
Timothy Page

I had no problems at all.

I had no problems at all.