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Cheapflightsfares is driven by people's passion to travel and the need for an online travel agency that understands what a modern-day traveler desires. We are your one-stop solution for all travel requirements be it flights, hotels or rental cars. We are dedicated towards bringing you the best travel deals that suit your budget and preferences perfectly. No matter how far and wide you wish to travel, Cheapflightsfares will get you there.

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Good 8.5 out of 10
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4.4 out of 5
2 hours ago
John Delgadillo

I've booked twice within the last...

I've booked twice within the last month. So very easy, no long waits on hold. Just click and foy.
18 hours ago
Jamie Neary

Quick easy and found a great deal!

Quick easy and found a great deal!
1 days ago
Nelson Gonzlez Celis

Thank you

Thank you, could find a Great deal
2 days ago
Carol Bingham

The site is easy to use and I got the...great service

The site is easy to use and I got the best fare I could have gotten. Will definitely use them for all my travel needs
2 days ago
Tysen M

Surprised at the additional charges!

I really like having the round-trip flight to San Diego half the price of all the other airlines. But I couldn't believe all the ad
ded $$$'s for baggage, etc. I look forward to the flight...I am hoping for a uneventful plane trip.

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2 days ago
Bernard Martinez

Went well and easy

Went well and easy, thank you
3 days ago
Bahman Khosravi Shamirzadi

good pricing

good pricing
3 days ago
Dean Chamberlain

Alan was helpful

Alan was helpful, friendly knowledgeable and positive throughout a challenging search for decently priced trip
4 days ago
Curtis Rogers


..............i am get a refund
6 days ago

The service agent was helpful

The service agent, Mr. King, was helpful and able to get the flights I wanted. I will be using your services again Here's hop
ing for a wonderful and safe trip.

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