Mardi Gras Flight Deals

Though originally rooted in religious beliefs, with time, Mardi Gras has evolved into becoming a grand celebration of everything fun. A pop culture event, Mardi Gras has everything it takes to entertain spectators. This masquerade is one of the most popular events in the history of time. People from near and far travel to the cities that host Mardi Gras parties to join in on the festivities. This year (2019), it’s scheduled to be held on the 5th of March.

The elaborate costumes, the larger-than-life floats, the snazzy dancers, the pulsating beats of music and the bright colors all around give this festival a very carnival-like vibes. In other words, endless fun is ensured. Watching the parade is almost as incredible as being a participant of the parade. The clothes and accessories fashioned by the people attending the festival — participants and spectators — can be termed as fun, exciting and quirky to downright crazy.

A much celebrated event, Mardi Gras is observed in numerous places around the world. However, the most amazing ones are hosted by Brazil and New Orleans. This is also when domestic and international travelers throng to these cities to soak in the exhilarating vibes of the festival. Like the saying goes, “the more, the merrier!”

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