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Halloween Flight Deals

October is upon us and we are basking in the excitement of Halloween tip-toeing towards us already. After all, it’s the only time of the year when we can address our evil side and nobody is going to judge us for it. And if they do, you have really done an incredible job with your costume. Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, princesses, superheroes or pirates - Oh! How you can be all of this and more?

31st October is the date that marks Halloween all over the world. With a history dating back to a thousand years, Halloween has gone on to become an absolute favorite holiday amongst people. And, we can clearly see why? When dressing up is part of the festival, eating candies an indispensable ritual, and the ambience all spooky and eerie, what’s there to not love about Halloween?

Started as an ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, the beliefs behind the celebration of Halloween is rooted in nature and the spirit world. With respect to nature, it means the end of summer and beginning of winter. On the other hand, in context of the spirit world, it means that this is the time period when the evils are at their potent best and that spirits have the power to transcend in to the physical world. Well, how much truth there is to this belief? We really don’t know. But, what we do know is the form that Halloween has taken up today. It’s a day, rather a night, filled with love and laughter. Kids play tricks to get their hands on candies from neighbors. Pumpkins are carved in to jack-o'-lanterns to be used as decoration. Humans dress up as their favorite characters. And, singing and dancing takes to the road and, even some really cool and quirky events are organized.

To sum it up, Halloween is all about having a good time with friends and family. However, nothing could compare to taking a Halloween trip for soaking in the feel of how it is celebrated all around the globe. Thus, this Halloween break away from living life in a box. You can all keep your saintly and righteous thoughts to yourself and act out a little on your whims and fancies. Do we sound evil? Guess Halloween has its way. But trust us, you are only going to open a door to blissful times.

So, what’s your call? Are you going to look for flight deals on Halloween to the destination you’ve been wanting to visit for long? Or take advantage of the Halloween deals and make hotel reservations for a staycation which is long due with friends and family? Or better yet, rent a car making good use of Halloween travel deals and zoom past the eeriness in an unknown place? If any of these ideas click with you, then we know how amazing Halloween is going to be for you this year.