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Flights to Valdez (VDZ)

The Alaskan town of Valdez is not that well known. Though the city was built in 1898 during the Gold Rush, the port of Valdez existed since the beginning of the 18th century. Valdez has seen its fair share of disasters. The 1964 earthquake and subsequent tsunami led to the evacuation of the Old Town. The thing to be noted, from all of this, is the spirit of the town. Despite all that has happened, the people of Valdez have refused to leave this beautiful place they call home.

Once you are here, the reason for the townsfolk to stay becomes crystal clear. Gorgeous snow covered mountains rise in the horizon surrounding the northern and eastern parts of the city. Beautiful cold sea waters lie on the south and west of Valdez. The town is serene beyond measure. The beauty only gets amplified by the clear skies and tranquil attractions. Not far from the town lie majestic glaciers, moving on their own. In Valdez, nature breathes and heaves, and the people stay in awe of the life it oozes. Book a low cost flight to Valdez and witness the greatness of the various glaciers that live here.

Tourist Attractions

Columbia Glacier- The world’s fastest moving glacier is in Valdez. Columbia Glacier has attracted tourists from all over the world for years. Its charm lies in its movement and its pure raw beauty. The majestic white plain landmass stands in a stark contrast to the calm water and high mountains surrounding it. Visitors can take a cruise tour to the draining point of Columbia Glacier.

Trail of Whispering Giants- Artist Peter Wolf Toth created a series of sculptures called the Trail of Whispering Giants. The series aimed to install one sculpture in every US state. The Alaskan statue is located in Valdez. A towering statue that stands at 25 feet, it’s a sight that imprints itself in to your memory. Shaped like the head of an Alaskan Native, the statue is a must visit if you are in Valdez.

Keystone Canyon- A nature lover’s paradise, Keystone Canyon is one of the most noteworthy attractions in Valdez. The canyon has huge rock cliffs, giant pine trees, glacier fed rivers and waterfalls. The two most visited places in the Keystone Canyon are the Horsetail Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. Both the falls have their own charm. The Horsetail Falls is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom making it look like a horse’s tail (thus, its name). Bridal Veil Falls freezes in the winters and is a great spot for ice climbing.

When to Visit

The most pleasant time of the year to visit Valdez is from July to September. The city of Valdez is comparatively warmer during this time with almost no overcast days.

Major Airport

The closest airport to the city of Valdez is Valdez Airport, which is located about 4 miles from the city center. Book cheap flights to Valdez, rent a car and drive to the city. The roads are very well maintained and the views are astonishing.

Know More about Valdez 

When you book airline tickets and visit Valdez, you will notice that it is surrounded by a LOT of snow. Flanked by Chugach Mountains and gigantic glaciers, Valdez has a picturesque beauty. This provides ample of opportunity for winter and snow sports. Travelers visiting Valdez can enjoy ice climbing, skiing, heli-skiing, and snowboarding. The city is also host to several winter sports events and festivals. Make a hotel booking in Valdez and bask in the thrilling experience of snowy adventures.