Booking Tickets Just Got Easier

Booking Tickets Just Got Easier

Cheap Flights To Shannon

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About Shannon

If you're executing a plan to fly to Shannon in County Clare, Ireland you might want to find out a bit more about the airport and its surrounding accessories and local carrier links before arriving. We’ve put together this advantageous adviser to accomplish your trip run a bit more smoothly. Remember that numerous airline, which flies to and from destinations beyond Ireland, including Knock and Dublin.

Shannon is the informal name for a region in the Midwest of the Republic of Ireland. It encompasses locations of the canton of Clare and the northern regions of the counties of Kerry and Tipperary.

Prime Airport in Shannon and its Information

The prime airport of this abode is Shannon Airport (SNN), this airport is located in Shannon, County Clare, and is situated just over 20 km away from both Limerick and Ennis. The contact information of this airport is Shannon Airport (SNN), Shannon, County Clare, Ireland, the contact number for this airport is: +353 (0) 61712000.

Situated at a suitable junction between numerous of south-west Ireland’s prime cities – including Limerick and Galway –this ideally placed hub for exploring Ireland has excellent public transport links.

The airport offers both short (less than 24 hours) and long term car parking, with cheaper price accessible if pre-booked online through the airport website. Long term car parks are anchored a 2 or 3 minute walk abroad from Departues and all are patrolled consistently by airport security.

The Shannon Airport is associated with two bus companies. JJ Kavanagh & Sons offer its regular services to and from Dublin over a six-hour route. Bus Eireann has over 130 services operating the grounds on a daily basis, providing access to Cork, Limerick and Galway.

It’s the largest and best-known city is Limerick, which is the commercial and social hub for Shannon as a whole. The accomplished region is named after the River Shannon, which makes its way through a large part of it. Cheap tickets to Shannon Airport (SNN) are an abundant way to begin your exploration of this region. One also can book cheap tickets from Shannon and return home or carry forward to your journey and treasure, mesmerizing memories forever.

Tourist Attractions in Shannon

There are abounding tourist attractions throughout Shannon, including the Cliffs of Moher and Bunratty Castle. The Cliffs of Moher acceleration to a height of 214 metres aloft the sea and, on bright days, offers a picturesque view beyond to Galway Bay. They are as well home to an advanced array of seabirds, which will be of absorption to nature lovers. Bunratty Castle which dates to the year 914 and visitors as well can explore its well-preserved interiors and adorable adjoining parkland.

This exotic city of Shannon has magnificent connections with the United Kingdom, with arrays of services taking around an hour to explore this shorter route. Once you reach this beautiful place of Shannon, you will get various transport options. Apart from this you also will be amazed by the service of friendly, cozy B&Bs to five-star lodgings in historic castles, when it comes to hotels in Shannon you will be spoiled for choices.

Best Time to Visit

Well, there is not necessarily any best time to visit Shannon as the region has something to offer at all times of the year. During the colder and wetter winter months there are abounding indoor activities to accumulate visitors occupied, such as exploring age-old castles or adequate an auspicious pint in a cozy pub. In the summer, although it's not very warm, you can explore the rugged admirable landscape and even walk alongside the River Shannon itself, which absolutely will offer a dream comes true experience.