Booking Tickets Just Got Easier

Booking Tickets Just Got Easier

Cheap Flights To Seattle

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About Seattle

Seattle, also known as “The Emerald City” was founded in 1869. It is a great metropolitan city with the beauty of the nature all the year around. The city has an abundance of evergreen trees, with spectacular view of the Cascade Mountains. That is why the city is aptly known as “The Emerald City”. Tourists from various parts of the world visit this beautiful city and indulge themselves in the true beauty of nature. Situated in North America, the city is also being the home of IT giants like Microsoft and Starbucks. Planning a vacation to Seattle is a very relaxing and a great experience.

Places to Visit

A tourist can enjoy the beauty of the nature by visiting numerous parks in the city. Not only this, there are various museums in Seattle too, which are worth exploring. The renowned Henry Art Gallery in Washington is worth visiting as it exhibits contemporary and modern art in a professional way. One as well can book cheap flights from Seattle after your exploration of splendid allures and destinations of this abode and save more dollars by booking with Cheap Flights Fares.

Where to Stay

Since the city is a famous tourist spot, so there is no need to worry as far as accommodation is concerned. There are varieties of hotels in the city which offer accommodation at a reasonably fair price.

1. Downtown Business Shopping Area: It is the heart of the city and one will find varieties of hotels in this area. The city too has very expensive hotels also. As this place is the city’s business district, so if a person is visiting for a business purpose and looking for a premier hotel, then staying in Downtown Seattle is the best option for them.

2. Pioneer Square: The city is one of the oldest in the neighborhood and showcases a wealth of art galleries, book stores, antiques shops, restaurants, night clubs, just at a walking distance. The city offers a variety of budget hotels and is in proximity with the city scenic beauty,

Best Time to Visit Seattle

The city experiences an oceanic type of climate with heavy rain in the months of January and May, October and December. Rest the weather is pleasant throughout the year. If you really want to enjoy the city’s scenic beauty with fewer crowds, then the best time to visit Seattle with is between April to November. So, what are you waiting for? Book cheap flights to Seattle with Cheapflightsfares and experience the city’s rich beauty and historical monuments. Emirates Airlines, Jet Airways, Delta Airlines and American airlines are some of the flights on which you can book cheap air tickets to Seattle and avail best Seattle flight deals.