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Cheap Flights to Samos (SMI)

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Flights to Samos (SMI)

Located in the Eastern Aegean Sea, Samos is a Greek Island, and it’s also the same place, where the famous mathematician Pythagoras was born. It is a complete holiday package for families, couples, singles, and in short, for everyone. With stunning beaches, lush green nature, small but beautiful villages, no doubt your time in the city will make your vacations. So, why are you waiting? Arrange cheap flights to Samos, and get ready to experience some valuable adventures.

Tourist Attractions


Located on the south coast of Samos Island, Pythagorion is a small town and a birthplace of the mathematician Pythagoras. In the sixth century BC, it was a dominant port, but now you will see boats, yachts, and cafes around the Bay. There is also a little archeological museum there representing Archaic and Hellenistic gravestones, coins, ceramics, and marble statues.

Temple of Hera

Only at a distance of eight kilometers west of Pythagorion, there is the temple of Hera, which is the center of attention for the tourists since ages. You can even visit smaller temples around the site.

Samos Town

Nestled on the northeast coast of the Bay of the Island, Samos Town has fascinating exhibits for the sightseers. Constructed in 1832, it has elegant neoclassical houses, cafes, restaurants, and shops. Book a cheap flight to the place, and explore every nook and corner of the land.

Aqueduct of Eupalinos

It was once the part of Seven Wonders of the World, and it is still charismatic. Located only two kilometers west of Pythagorion, this landmark is 1.75 meters broad and high. If you have Claustrophobia, avoid Aqueduct of Eupalinos as it’s a cutting and a bit uncomfortable place.

When to Visit

Well, the best time starts in April, and it ends in October because these months are not only in demand, but the overall atmosphere and weather conditions are better, too. Moreover, it will be difficult for you to hit the land in winter as it can be highly wet and windy for most of the times, so avoid visiting in those months.

Major Airport

Samos International airport is a primary airport that serves Samos and its surroundings.  It is a small place with a single short runway and five boarding gates. There are duty-free shop and cafes in the airport. By grabbing a cheap Airline ticket, you will land into Samos Airport, but before scheduling anything, make sure to double-check weather reports.

Additional info about Samos

Samos is an effervescent city in Greece, and like other Greek places, it is also a land of art lovers and mesmerizing architecture. The inhabitants of the region are entertaining, friendly, and a bit lazy. They spend most of their time in leisure as they believe money or wealth should bring happiness for them. If you’re a food lover, you will have plenty of traditional-style mouth-watering dishes at almost every restaurant there. Samos cooks use raw herbs and greens as ingredients, and you can imagine the flavor of meals. To acquire more, you should take a flight to Samos. It is worth seeking, to be honest.