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Cheap Flights to Riyadh (RUH)

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Flights to Riyadh (RUH)

Surrounded by desert, this beautiful city is a gem that hasn’t been properly explored by outsiders. The Middle Eastern architecture, intriguing culture, and warm people make Riyadh a very attractive tourist destination. The city is well developed with good public transportation, attractions, and restaurants. The food here is delicious. The authentic food of the region is flavorful and leaves behind a wave of good feelings. The aroma rising through the streets of the delicious food being cooked might waft in to your nose and leave you craving for food even if you have just eaten.

The country opened its gates to tourists in the month of March of 2018 and since then have been trying to improve the travel experience for visitors with great zeal. Book cheap flights to Riyadh and explore this dazzling city.    

Tourist Attractions

Wadi Namar - A dam located at Namar Lake has become a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. Wadi Namar is perfect for family picnics. The area is extremely clean and pretty. With falls, a waterfront, and staircases following the banks of the lake, visitors love being here. You can lay a blanket on the ground, set up a barbeque and eat with your family. Wadi Nadar is also pretty good for long soothing walks. Get on a flight to Riyadh and explore this serene attraction.

Kingdom Centre - A prime example of creative and stunning modern architecture is the Kingdom Centre. The 99 storied building stands at over 990 feet. It is the tallest building in Saudi Arabia and a reflection of the country’s development and acceptance of the modern world. The building is distinctly shaped and is also known as “the necklace” of the city because of it. A 300 ton bridge connects the two towers of Kingdom Centre. The bridge gives some of the greatest views of the city and is a must-visit spot for tourists. You can make a hotel booking for a room inside the building and experience what it feels like to stay in the tallest man-made structure of Saudi Arabia.

World Sights Park - Deemed as the landmark park of the capital city of Saudi Arabia, the World Sights Park includes famed sights from all over the world. The miniatures woo a vast number of people who flock to this park to see some of the most famous sites in the world, only smaller. A great place to visit with family and a must if you are in Riyadh. You can rent a car in Riyadh and drive to the World Sights Park from your hotel.

When to Visit

The best time to visit this city is in the winter months. Being a desert city, the temperature soars to great heights in the summer. The scorching heat makes it very difficult to go out. Therefore, we suggest planning a trip between November and February as the weather is the most pleasant then.

Major Airport

King Khalid International Airport is the airport serving the city of Riyadh. You can book tickets on a low-cost flight to Riyadh and fly there for your next vacation. The airport is about 26 miles from the city center.

Know More About Riyadh

The city of Riyadh, for that matter Saudi Arabia, has opened its gates to tourists after years. The city is mesmerizing and the culture is strong. Everyone in Saudi Arabia strictly follows and respects the culture with utmost reverence. This phenomenon is most visible at the capital city itself. Riyadh is also famous for its phenomenal shopping malls and souks. You can get very good quality gold at the souk. The market places in the city are full of life and provide some very colorful sights. You can find great souvenirs, clothes, and spices here. Riyadh is truly worth a visit. So, book flight tickets now!