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Flights to Reykjavik (REK)

Massive snow clad mountains, beautiful blue bays and a serene sky await your arrival at Reykjavik. The city is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, geothermal pools, exciting outdoor activities including whale watching and Viking history. Adventure lovers can go hiking, snowmobiling, horseback riding, glacier climbing and Northern Lights viewing while visiting the city. Along with the countless bounties of nature, Reykjavik takes pride in the fact that it is one of the least polluted cities on the planet.

It is common knowledge that Iceland is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world. Hence Reykjavik, being its capital city, is considered to be one of the best places to party till the wee hours. This may come as a surprise to many, but the city’s vibrant nightlife is a major factor that draws travelers from all across the globe. The city is home to numerous clubs, bars and cafés that play live music, ensuring that visitors have a great time. For your next vacation, take a cheap flight to Reykjavik and explore everything the city has to offer.   

Tourist Attractions

Hallgrímskirkja Church- A beautiful tall structure with the bright blue sky as a backdrop - the Hallgrímskirkja Church looks more like a piece of art than a religious building. A Lutheran church, it’s built in Expressionist architectural style giving it a very futuristic look. Hallgrímskirkja Church holds the title of being the biggest church in Iceland.   

Bruarfoss Waterfall- Located about an hour’s drive away from Reykjavik, the Bruarfoss Waterfall is totally worth your time. The bright blue waters of the waterfall creates an otherworldly vibe that entices travelers and locals alike. Check out some Reykjavik flight deals and fly to this scintillating city for a memorable vacation.

Downtown Reykjavik- Along with restaurants and shops, Downtown Reykjavik has charming boutiques that sell rare items like volcanic rock pottery pieces and Icelandic wool clothing items. This area is perfect for travelers who like to stroll around and soak in the vibe of a place. The jewel on the crown is the Solfar sculpture, perched at the waterfront. Watching the awe inspiring sunset from this spot is a surreal experience that you need to have while visiting Reykjavic.

National Museum of Iceland- Established in 1863, the National Museum of Iceland is a must visit place for every traveler who wants to learn about the fascinating history of Iceland. The museum tells tales of the country, starting from the medieval period to current times. Its most prized possession among its various collection is the Valthjófsstadur door - an intricately carved church door belonging to the Medieval times that narrates the story of a knight’s victory. Book cheap fight tickets to Reykjavik, visit this museum and learn all about Iceland’s history and culture. 

Old Harbour Area- Sometimes you just need to stop and breathe, as the world around you goes about doing its business. That feeling you get when you live in the moment and nothing bothers you cannot be compared with anything else. And there’s no better place than Old Harbour Area for you to have this soul enriching experience. Take a seat at a waterfront café, sip on a steaming cup of coffee and watch the boats float in the water. Other than soaking in the tranquility, you can stop over at numerous hotspots in the Old Harbour Area to know the city better. Harpa is one such place that you can consider on your sojourn at this area. Check out some cheap flight deals to kick start you Reykjavik vacation.

When to Visit

During the summer season, Reykjavik tends to get a bit crowded with travelers and as a result, the prices of flight tickets, hotels and rental cars tend to rise. For a hassle free travel experience, it is advisable to visit Reykjavik during the fall and winter seasons. This is also when visitors can indulge in many adventures in and around the city.

Major Airport

Reykjavik is served by Keflavík International Airport, located 30 miles away from the city center. Travelers looking for a place to rest and relax while exploring Iceland can make their hotel reservations with us. Search for your perfect hotel in Reykjavik here

Food adventures in Reykjavik

The Icelandic meat, fish and dairy based edibles are flavorsome enough to send your taste buds on a joyride. Even picky eaters end up experimenting with their palate while visiting Reykjavik. If you are a foodie, then flying to Reykjavik to taste its authentic dishes is something to check off your bucket list. So, hop on a last minute flight to Reykjavik and head off on a gourmet adventure. Some of the top rated restaurants in the city are Sjavarbarinn, Skolabru, Grillmarkaðurinn, Old Iceland Restaurant and Snaps Bistro. Make the most of your trip and book a rental car to explore the city at your own pace. Search rental cars in Reykjavik here