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Cheap Flights to Iqaluit (YFB)

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Flights to Iqaluit (YFB)

A picturesque destination, Iqaluit is the capital of Nunavut (a Canadian territory.) Due to its location, the town experiences days of darkness that continues for a long time. People there go months without seeing the sun. Contrarily, they also experience months of daylight, when the sky doesn’t fall completely dark. No matter when you decide to book a flight to Iqaluit, you’re bound to experience oodles of local traditions, mesmerizing culture and indigenous art. So what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits you in Iqaluit.

Tourist Attractions

Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park

The picturesque Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park is located about half a mile from Iqaluit. Due to its close proximity from the town, it provides a perfect place for you to experience the beauty of nature and explore the tundra valley. The best time to do this is during summers. While discovering the wonders of this place, you get to see a number of Arctic wildlife species like caribou, Arctic fox, Arctic Hare and more. It also has archaeological sites of Dorset and Thule communities.

Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum

Nunatta Sunakkutaangit is the only museum located in the region. It works towards preserving the rich culture of the region. The museum is housed inside an old building by the name Hudson's Bay Company. There is a permanent gallery that displays Inuit and Thule artifacts, traditional clothing, weaponry and more. You can also find whalebone carvings which are quite interesting. The museum also hosts temporary art exhibitions by local artists which are truly amazing.

St. Jude's Cathedral

The dome shaped St. Jude's Cathedral has been a major attraction for many tourists who visit Iqaluit. Just a glimpse at it and people are quick to think of it as an opulent igloo. Once inside, you’ll notice how beautifully the interiors are decorated with wall hangings, a cross made of narwhal tusks, woven collection baskets and other such intriguing artifacts. The cathedral, to simply put, is a visual treat.

Unikkaarvik Visitors Center

Like most other towns, you’ll find a visitor center in Iqaluit that rolls out all the required information about the area and help plan your itinerary. The center has different artifacts and art pertaining to Inuit culture on display. Amongst its displays, you can find different dioramas depicting life in the Arctic. The center organizes various workshops and events including movie nights.

When to Visit

The best time to visit Iqaluit is from October to May. You would need to book a flight to Iqaluit in advance since most tourists flock here to see the northern lights.

Major Airport

Iqaluit Airport is the major airport located approximately 3 miles from the city center. For a convenient travel experience make hotel reservations months ahead of your travel.        

Know More about Iqaluit

The “Road to Nowhere” is perhaps one of the most quirky thing to see in Iqaluit. Just few miles off the main town area, you can walk, rent a car or ski (during winter) through the scenic route to get there. You’ll notice a board at the end of the road with “The Road to Nowhere” sign. This is bound to give you those adventure feels. So, hop on a low cost flight to Iqaluit and have an amazing time.