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Flights to Eugene (EUG)

A city located in Oregon, Eugene has a vibe quite similar to that of Florence. The city has a boisterous art scene that draws crowds from far off places. The art scene is compelling to say the least. Its effects can be seen on everything that happens in Eugene. The city is quite laid back and perfect for chilling. The moment you breathe in the city’s soothing air, your muscles start to relax and your mind lets go of all the stress and tension floating in your head. Book cheap flights to Eugene and enjoy a serene and peaceful environment.

The city is evidently pretty. While Willamette River flows through the city, River McKenzie flows northwest of Eugene. The two majestic rivers tell tales of the calmness of the city. It isn’t uncommon for the locals to stroll through the banks of the rivers on a lazy day with a beer in hand. Even the architecture of the city compliments its energy. The spaciousness seems inviting. The openness of the city instills in its visitors a sense of acceptance towards all that is good. Maybe that’s the reason so many hippies and artists call it their home now. Book cheap plane tickets and head to Eugene and explore the city at a leisurely pace.

Tourist Attractions

Skinner Butte Park - Often credited as the birthplace of Eugene, Skinner Butte Park is extraordinarily gorgeous. A tiny hill located next Willamette River, this park is the absolute favorite of locals and tourists alike. The higher points of the park lead for some amazing panoramic views of the cityscape. The best way to explore the park is on foot, although, you can also drive here. The hiking trail has tons of wilderness and vegetation. The paths are worn down, providing for an authentic hiking experience. If you like rock climbing the Skinner Butte Park has that covered for you as well. Book a hotel in Eugene near the Skinner Butte Park for gorgeously green views.

Museum of Natural and Cultural History - Housed in a building built to imitate Native American Longhouse, the museum opened in 1930s. However, the history of the museum can be traced back to the 1800s with a fossil collection that is showcased here now. The museum has a vast collection of ethnographic and archaeological collection. Here, visitors can know a detailed history of Oregon. The museum also features two life sized statues of the humongous mammoths. Visit this museum to understand Native American history and revisit America’s Native past.

Hayward Field - One of the oldest track fields in the country, Hayward Field was established in 1921. The track field has been functional for almost a century. Visit this place for an understanding of the passion for running Eugene has. Here, you’ll understand why a company like Nike was started in this town. Another plus point in Hayward Field’s charm is the picturesque University of Oregon campus.

When to Visit

The weather of Eugene is pleasant year around. However, the best months to visit this amazing city is during the summer months. You can indulge in a lot of outdoor activities in summer without having to fear the winter chill.

Major Airport

The closest major airport near Eugene is the Eugene Airport. Located approximately 12 miles from the city center, visitors can rent a car at the airport and drive to the city.

Know more about Eugene

Eugene is home to some eccentric yet amazing festivals. This is home to over a dozen festivals out of which Oregon Bach Festival and McKenzie Wooden Boat Festival are the most loved. Oregon Bach Festival sees musicians from all over the world assembling in Eugene to pay tribute to the legendary musician Johann Bach. The music performances are a treat for the soul and the grand orchestras that play in the festival can render you unable to get over the renditions of Bach’s symphonies. Book a flight to Eugene and attend one of the many exemplary festivals held in the city. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.