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Cheap Flights to Casablanca (CAS)

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Flights to Casablanca (CAS)

The commercial hub and the port city of Morocco, Casablanca, is the largest state of the country. Situated at the western side of Morocco, the city has plenty of things to do, and reserve secure but cheap flights to Casablanca, if you are ready to start your adventure there.

Tourist Attractions

Hassan II Mosque

Dominates the entire Casablanca, Hassan II Mosque is the second largest mosque in the universe. Sits on the Shoreline and beyond the northern tip of Medina, an old city, the Mosque’s size is 200 meters high (including its tallest Minaret). Over 25,000 people can pray in the prayer Hall, while 80,000 can fit in the courtyard. Unlike some other mosques, Non-Muslims can visit the building from the inside, but only with a guide.

Place Mohamed V

The central plaza of the city, Place Mohamed V, is home to the state’s official buildings, including Prefecture, French Consulate, and the Central Bank of Morocco, the Post Office, and the Palace of Justice. Do you wish to see all of the institutions? Arrange cheap airline tickets to explore the place with loved ones.

Cathedral du Sacre Coeur

The harmonious blend of European and Moroccan style architecture, the traditional cathedral church is luring the visitors from the beginning.

Though it needs renovation, however, the structure of the building is still mesmerizing people. If you want to capture the sense of this past glory from the inside, then you have to be lucky enough to get permission from the guardian.

Central Market

Every place has its one supermarket that is the primary supplier of everyday goods to consumers, and the Central Market is Casablanca’s popular area, where residents, as well as visitors, can buy anything they want. Like other markets, it’s a bustling place, too.  


The old city district can be a good option for the tour, and it has some mysterious places, too. Moreover, sellers are there to sell their items. Feel free to discover anything in Casablanca as it’s a safe and secure city.

When to Visit

It has a mild temperature throughout the year, and the perfect time to enter the city is from April to August because of the cozy and warm atmosphere.

Major Airport

Situated in Nouasseur, Mohammed V International Airport is the primary center for aviation activities. It’s only 30 km away from the Southeast of Casablanca.

Additional information about Casablanca

The first settlers of the city were Berbers as they moved to Casablanca in the 10the century BC. The name of the word means, “White House,” and its French colonial legacy can view through the downtown architecture. Moroccan cuisines are quite famous in an entire universe, including hot and cold salads, couscous topped with meat and vegetable, lamb, and chicken dishes.

Moreover, the nightlife in Casablanca is vibrant and full of colors, and many bars, clubs, and hotels stay open, but these places are not for girls. Though the city is safe to visit, however, you need to away from the pickpockets. To view everything In Moroccan land, please, arrange comfortable flights to Casablanca, and begin your journey.