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Flights to Beirut (BEY)

About Beirut

Dubbed as the “Paris of Middle East,” Beirut is a lively entertainment spot that offers shopping, sightseeing and partying. This beautiful city is laced with fascinating modern architecture that shares space with colonial French buildings and Ottoman. The National Museum and the Gibran Museum provides a taste of the city’s glorious history while the lively streets such as Ashrafieh and Hamra offers thrilling nightlife. Hop-on a cheap flight to Beirut and discover the art and fashion scene that is thriving with artists and stylists coming from all tastes and backgrounds.                

Tourist Attractions

National Museum of Beirut – Positioned on the earlier Green Line, National Museum of Beirut is the most sought after tourist attraction and a significant cultural institution. This museum grandly exhibits collection of archaeological artifacts that offer an incredible impression of Lebanon’s great history and the civilizations that impacted these cultural crossroads. Search online and book low cost flight to Beirut and visit this museum to discover its major highlights such as mosaics and stone pieces from the Roman and Byzantine eras. Memorials from the second and first millenniums BC, glass objects, jewelry and pottery are also housed in the museum.    

Corniche – One of the city’s most famous landmarks, Corniche is a seaside promenade in Beirut Central District. Go for a stroll along this place at sunset and enjoy a sight of the Beirut in all its glory. This beautiful seaside is the hotspot to get a real glimpse of the city’s life. It is a pleasing place to enjoy an evening when the avenue gets jam packed with couples and families who head out for a walk. Many people come here for fun activities such as biking, walking on the sand, boating, etc. People who are more enthusiastic can visit the Beirut Luna Park, an amusement park, which is located in close proximity to Corniche. Grab some cheap plane tickets to Beirut and enjoy a leisure vacation at the Beirut coastline.  

Hamra Street – “Rue Hamra” is the local name for Hamra Street and it is one of Beirut’s most significant streets and commercial centers. Earlier this street was home to artists, journalists and intellectuals buzzing at the thread of theaters and walkway cafes. Today this street bears the mark of a shift in character, aligned with western retail outlets, coffee shops, hotels, clubs and bars attracting large numbers of youths.

When to Visit

The best time visit Beirut is from April to November as the city experiences the best of its weather during this time. However, if you’re looking to avoid the extreme crowds then the ideal time to book your Beirut flight will be during autumn and spring seasons.

Major Airport

Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY) is the closest and major airport in Beirut that is located at the mere distance of 14.9 miles from the city center.

Know More about Beirut

Beirut, the fascinating capital city of Lebanon, is full of visual divergences where the rich and famous people rub shoulders with the ghetto. Copiously scattered with jazz clubs, world-class shopping districts and cafes which easily elate tourists’ hearts and souls on their visit to Beirut. Fall in love with Lebanon food! Tabbouleh, fattoush, shawarma, mujjeddra, scrumptious mezze…. the list is simply unending. Book with our website and treat yourself with discounted flights to Beirut. Take a look at our several Beirut flight deals and pick your favorite deal to uncover Beirut, the city that wouldn’t die.