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Cheap Flights to Yekaterinburg (SVX)

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Flights to Yekaterinburg (SVX)

Glorious Moscow takes away all the attention of tourists when they travel to Russia. But that’s exactly where everyone is committing a mistake. Yekaterinburg is all things Moscow and so much more. A city that looks like it took its sweet time to embody itself in to what it is; all the buildings, streets, plazas and markets are there for the right reasons. Look beyond this and the jubilant ethos of the city is waiting to embrace you in its warmth. The city is always abuzz with events, festivals and people making it a feel good place to be. Art shall speak to you in ways unknown and history shall greet you at every nook and corner of the city. Book cheap flights to Yekaterinburg and let the city work its charm on you.            

Tourist Attractions

Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center: Since its opening in 2015, Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center has only had more people wanting to explore this place. Dipped in history of the Russian presidency, visitors are intrigued by this mammoth site that houses a museum, art gallery, library and a conference center. But, what interests the most out of all is the museum that narrates the story of a former Prime Minister of Russia and his term of office. The exhibits are educative, informative and engaging, so, one can enjoy a great deal of time exploring it all. Board a flight to Yekaterinburg because digging in to the history of Russian politics is quite fascinating.

Yekaterinburg Zoo: Home to a whole lot of different species of wildlife since 1930, this zoo is where you should head to without a miss if you’re accompanied by family. Take a peek in to the lives of wild animals. While getting a glimpse of crocodiles, tigers, elephants and monkeys is going to excite you, sighting a polar bear will be a true delight. So, rent a car, drive straight to this zoo and see smiles flash across your loved ones’ faces.           

Church of All Saints: Looking at you in all its resplendence, stands the Church of All Saints— an orthodox church that is often labelled as the Church on Blood for the history that spanned in this very site. Bathed in the blood of Nicholas II and his family during the Russian Civil War, the church today attracts tourists for the opulence of its architecture. Also, there are many festivals and events that keep taking place at the church adding a vibrant touch to it. The area near the church is lined with some really good hotels. Being at a significant location, the rates may get a bit high. So, make hotel bookings in advance to save big on your stay.    

When to visit

Mark your calendar between June and August because this is when it is the best time to explore Yekaterinburg. With pleasant temperatures during these months, you will find an added reason to love the city.

Major Airport

Koltsovo Airport connects Yekaterinburg to the rest of the world. You can easily book airplane tickets to this airport which is located at a distance of about 13 miles from the city center.      

Know more about Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg knows how to carve its place in the hearts of everyone, especially the foodies. It delights the taste buds with some mouthwatering authentic Russian dishes while doing every bit justice to the global cuisines. Taking a swig of some of the finest beers and wines should be on your list too. Because, the city packs a punch in that department as well. People who love shopping will give brownie points to the city as it is decked with a wide range of shopping options; from high end designer brands to local boutiques. What more could one ask for? Hop-on a last minute flight to Yekaterinburg and enjoy yourself to the fullest.