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Flights to Saransk (SKX)

Gracing the landscapes of Volga Basin in Central Russia, Saransk is an underrated destination when it comes to tourism. Founded as a fortress, this city is embedded in history, giving a clear peek in to the times gone by through its magnificent architectural monuments. The city leaves the impression of being nature’s paradise as its geographical placement allows splendid vistas of the gorgeous Saransk and Insar rivers. Catching a sunset by the riverfront should definitely be on your to do list in Saransk. The city ranks high on certain cultural and traditional aspects. And, you will love how evident it is from the vibes of the locals, celebrations of the festivals and flavors of the authentic cuisines. So, you should not delay plans for that much needed break anymore. Book cheap flights to Saransk and gear up for a good time.

Tourist Attractions

Mordovian Erzia Museum of Visual Arts: The museum gets its name from an eminent Russian sculptor from the 20th century— Stepan Erzia. Stepping in to the museum is a treat to sore eyes. You will get to witness some of the finest works of Erzia as well as other celebrated Russian artists. The artworks depict the cultural heritage of the Mordovian capital and it is sure to leave you floored. The intricacies of the artworks is truly applaud worthy.

Museum of War and Work Efforts: This is unlike any museum you would have ever seen before. Right from the shape of the building to the artifacts displayed inside the museum, you will be amazed with every respect. Paying homage to the soldiers who fought bravely in the Russian wars in the 20th century, this museum remembers them all dearly and proudly. What captivates in the first glance is how the architecture of the building shares a resemblance to the boundaries of the Republic of Mordovia and the roof to that of a traditional female hat. Fascinating, isn’t it? Rent a car and steer your way to this intriguing museum to learn about the military history of the city.

Pushkin’s Park: Once you land in the city, it will remain no secret that it is painted in hues of green. No matter which part of the city you’re headed to, you will chance upon green pastures at every odd turn. And, Pushkin’s Park is a testament to that. You should head over to this park for some relaxed time and be amidst greenery. Pack a snack and laze around in this park, reading a book or having a meaningful conversation with your loved ones.              

Cathedral of St. Theodore Ushakov: When people in Russia felt the need to revive the Orthodox Christianity, this church sprang to life. With support and funds from locals and the government; today, the Cathedral of St. Theodore Ushakov stands tall with glory. Opening its gates to the public in 2006, it can accommodate approximately 3000 people who come together to celebrate the faith they believe in. So, hop-on a flight to Saransk and learn about the religion and culture of this city.

When to visit

The city is covered in powdery snow all through winter which makes it a tad bit difficult to explore Saransk completely given that it’s very cold. So, mark your calendar between June and August when you could see every nook and corner of the city brimming in happy vibes enveloped with pleasant weather. But, make sure that you get your hotel bookings done well in advance to avoid hiked prices and non-availability of rooms due to tourist surge.  

Major Airport

Located conveniently at a distance of about 7 miles from the city center, Saransk Airport is the closest and major airport serving Saransk. It won’t be much of a hassle to book airplane tickets to this city as it has good connectivity with the rest of the world.  

Know more about Saransk

A city is long remembered by a traveler for its culinary scene. And, Saransk leaves no stone unturned to make it a memorable and enriching experience. The restaurants dotting the cityscape experiment with spices to present some delish authentic dishes. The global cuisines are exceptionally done as well leaving a lingering taste on the tongues of foodies; so that it becomes a highlight of the trip. Hop-on a last minute flight to Saransk and let the city’s culinary experts treat you with the best.