Booking Tickets Just Got Easier

Booking Tickets Just Got Easier

Cheap Flights To Grand canyon

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About Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a wonderful tourist destination with some of the most mesmerizing landscapes and natural wonders. The beauty, the aspect and the facts associated with the city attracts millions of visitors every year. If you wish to experience the inspiring beauty of this place, book cheap flights to Grand Canyon with Cheap Flights Fares by grabbing the best Grand Canyon flight deals.

Here are some of the known facts about the Grand Canyon to help you learn about the city before you visit there:

• Grand Canyon was introduced by García López de Cárdenas in the year 1540.

• Grand Canyon is known to originate from the Colorado River. The carving action of the River in the process of flowing used to flow down all dirt and sediments forming the walls of the city. Further erosion continued to form the shape of the Canyon. The whole process of formation took about 3 to 6 million years.

• It is renowned as the world’s second largest canyon of the world.

• It is one of the number 1 tourist destinations of Arizona.

• Human life is Grand Canyon is known to be almost 3000 to 4000 years ago.

• Two routes that go to the Grand Canyon are North Rim and South Rim.

• There is a huge variation between the weather and temperature of the South and North Rim. The North Rim has a higher elevation as compared to the South Rim. Because of higher elevation, the Overall climate of the canyon is semi-arid and the summers are known to reach a temperature of 106 degrees.

• North Rim has a chilled climate with a possibility of snowfall throughout the year.

• The South Rim is about 6,900 feet above sea level and the North Rim is about 7,800 feet above sea level.

• The length and width of the region is about 277 miles and 18 miles respectively.

• The national park of this city is very popular with more than 5 million people visiting the park every year.

• It is also believed to be a holy and religious site.

• The Skywalk of the city is believed to be the costliest, with an estimated expenditure of 31 million dollars. Your visit to this city with flights to the Grand Canyon would not be considered as complete one until one discovers the wonders Skywalk.

• The canyon is known to be a home to around 88 species of mammals, 25 varieties of reptiles, five varieties of amphibians and around 300 species of birds.

• The rocks of the canyon are older than the dinosaurs there. There are many fossils of creatures like corals, sponges, dinosaurs and trilobites.

• The oldest human artifacts in the Grand Canyon are estimated to be 3000-4000 years old.

• Few popular films with its shooting in Grand Canyon are Due Date, Dill Scallion, Fools Rush In, Help Up, Into the World and Transformers. Plane tickets to Grand Canyon absolutely will allow the vacationers an ideal vacation with numerous wonderful lingering memories in your heart forever.