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Search alitalia airlines Flights

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About Alitalia Airlines (AZ) Flights

When we think of the country Italy, we think of beautiful buildings, cobbled streets and of course, pizza. It has been a dream for many to visit the majestic "boot-shaped" country and catch the essence of rich culture and intriguing historicity. Well, your chance is here. New avenues have opened up with Alitalia Airlines. Alitalia Flights and Alitalia Reservations will make you go 'grazie' to your life! And with Cheapflightsfares, it has become affordable to do so!

Alitalia ?SocietāAereaItaliana (Alitalia - Italian Air Company), is the official flag carrier of Italy. Hence, what could possibly go wrong? It is headquartered in Fiumicino, Rome, Italy and its main airport is in Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport in Rome. It was the eleventh largest airlines in 2014 and also is secondarily based in Milan International Airport. Alitalia booking offers some excellent packages which are known worldwide. The etymology can be broken down to 'ali' which means wings and 'italia' standing for Italy. Eithad Airways of Abu Dhabi agreed to buy a 49% stake of Alitalia and it became effective in January 2015. Alitalia has commenced operations since then and is now a world-class airway with over 3,594 million Euros revenue. The CEO of the airline since March 2016 is Cramer Ball, Chairman being Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, and the vice chairman is James Hogan, president and CEO of Etihad Airways. 

Services and Amenities

Rest assured, you will not be disappointed once you step into the Alitalia aircraft. The amount of money you have spent on Alitalia airfares will be completely worth it since the in-flight services are so great that your vacation to Italy will commence right from the flight itself.

The services provided start from the moment you select any Alitalia deals. It has four classes to travel with. Firstly, economy class where passengers a free snack or a meal depending of the flight duration and every seat is fitted with TV and entertainment services. Secondly, there is the Premium Economy where the passenger receives more leg space and higher baggage allowance. Thirdly, medium haul business class where you can avail V.I.P lounges at airports. Lastly, the most luxurious service comes with the long haul business class where you get the following - catering (regionally focused, changing monthly and including a new selection of wines and "spumante", prepared in cooperation with the Italian Sommelier Association), blankets, duvets, cushions, linens, and amenity kits as well as new china, flat-bed Magnifica Class seats on Alitalia's Airbus A330-200 and 777 aircraft.

Baggage Policy

Apart from the frequent flyer program of the SkyTeam alliance, the baggage information is equally satisfying for the reader. For your hand baggage, you are allowed one bag of 8kg or less measuring 55x35x25 cm. In order to ensure greater comfort on board and in compliance with safety standards, in the event of flights with a high load factor, your hand baggage may be collected at the boarding gate to be put in the hold. For checked in baggage, you are allowed a 158 cm bag, weighing 28 to 32 kg, depending on your class of travel.

Hence, grab your Alitalia tickets and fly to dream destinations like Egypt, Morocco, Italy, Albania, Belgium, France, Germany, UAE and Spain!